Major and planned donations

Major and planned donations

Help us to continue our mission to support caregivers who are caring for an elderly loved one, through a donation!  There are many different ways to donate, and if you wish, you can specify that your donation goes to a particular service,  such as respite or volunteer transportation.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact Anyela Vergara, Coordinator of major and planned donations, if you require information or assistance.


Planned Gift of a Life Insurance Policy

A gift through life insurance is an interesting way to make a larger donation at a low cost. Furthermore, you achieve substantial tax savings.

You can:
– Purchase a new policy
– Transfer ownership of an existing policy
– Maintain ownership of the insurance policy

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Securities Donation

If you are holder of publicly traded securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.), for which the value has significantly increased over time, this type of donation would be very beneficial to you. 

Rather than selling your stocks or bonds and being taxed on the capital gains, to then make a donation, you can give your shares directly and enjoy a tax exemption.

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Testamentary Gifts and Bequests

A will is the best way to plan who inherit your property, and how it will be distributed upon your death. 

If you plan to make a donation through your will, we strongly suggest that you meet with a notary and that you advise your successors of your wishes.

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