Gilles Nadon, a former caregiver and a volunteer with a big heart

I first came to the Centre de soutien entr’Aidants in 2016. My beloved wife was ill, and friends were telling me to call to get some help. I finally called the Centre and my first contact was very comforting. The house where the Centre is located is like my parent’s home: I feel appreciated, I feel respected, I feel the non-judgment, and we are always welcome there. The workshops helped me to accompany my ailing wife. I worked on myself. The “bag of rocks” I was carrying on my shoulders became lighter and lighter as I continued to participate in the different courses and workshops. I am not the only one to live in this situation. It feels good to laugh together and boost your moral with other caregivers.

My beloved passed away in April 2018. I have wonderful memories of us together. Together, we helped others and she was the LOVE of my life. Since June 2018, I am doing volunteer work at the Centre de soutien entr’Aidants as a volunteer driver. I know what caregivers can feel and understand the situation they are living. I was in the same circumstances myself. I also built a picnic table for the staff. I wanted to show them my gratitude. Now I am giving back the help I received from the Centre de soutien entr’Aidants.

In the photo, the Executive Director, Anyela Vergara is accompanied by Gilles Nadon, for the unveiling of the amount collected as of November 23, 2018: $7,760 for our annual fundraising campaign.Volunteers, caregivers, former caregivers, former administrators, former employees have all contributed to this campaign so far, for which the objective is $25,000.