At the end of the day, even with all the love in the world, if I don’t get the support I need, I’m going to collapse…

These words have been spoken by many of our caregivers who burn out trying to care for their elderly loved one. Unfortunately, most caregivers in Quebec will never receive all the support they need. The Centre de soutien entr’Aidants recognizes the importance of the contribution caregivers make, both to those they are caring for and to the community at large.

Since 1990, the Centre de soutien entr’Aidants has been offering help and, most importantly, hope to caregivers. We respond to the needs of all those who come through our doors, feeling alone, depressed and distressed.

The Annual Fundraising Campaign is necessary to help us pursue our mission, and your generosity will be a sign of your support.

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