É-MOI Collection

Sylvain Gadbois

Sylvain Gadbois, a self-taught painter born in 1961, is a native of Saint-Hubert and now lives in France. For more than a decade, he has explored different mediums and artistic supports such as recycled materials, fabrics, ink, gouache, acrylic and watercolour. He uses these as a pretext to awaken collective reflection in today’s society. In addition, his wish is to help people discover art outside traditional galleries.

Sylvain Gadbois partnered with the Centre de soutien entr’Aidants for almost ten years, offering an original painting each year, which was presented to a caregiver during the ‘E-MOI’ Day of Recognition for Caregivers of the Montérégie. The works of the artist were also reproduced on cards and are sold for the benefit of the organization.

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